Watch 3-5 minutes videos and learn to boost ASP.NET performance of your web app

Video Tutorials

1. Intro to Web Stimulus Back-End Acceleration

Video 1. Intro to Web Stimulus

Get familiar with Web Stimulus and:

  • Learn how to enable Back-End Acceleration on any ASP.NET web form app in just 3 clicks.
  • Learn how to increase web page performance 5x and reduce web traffic 12x by just dropping two Web Stimulus controls on a page - without any coding.

Source code is here.

2. Accelerating ASP.NET Pages

Video 2.Accelerating ASP.NET pages.

Watch how Web Stimulus reduces traffic 10-15x and increases performance 5x on a simple page and:

  • Learn how Web Stimulus extends the  ASP.NET page lifecycle to the client.
  • Learn how to accelerate any web page in 3 steps: Step 1 - Enable Web Stimulus on the page by dropping two controls. Step 2 - Mark the code with the click of a mouse so Web Stimulus can split the page into server and client parts.  Step 3 - Mark page members for marshalling to the client with the click of a mouse.

Source code is here.

3. Dynamic Data Caching

Video 3. Dynamic data caching.

Watch how Web Stimulus client caching further increases page performance and:

  • Learn that Web Stimulus caches the page object model elements and not the HTML.
  • Learn how you can cache the entire page or any piece of it independently.
  • Learn how to setup your custom caching rules and download only those parts of the page that were changed.
  • Learn how to setup partial page code processing when cached parts of the page are valid.

Source code is here.

4. Rich Server Controls

Video 4.  Rich Server Controls.

Watch how to add rich behavior to existing server controls without coding and:

  • Learn that Web Stimulus runs server controls on the client and handles client events instantly.
  • Learn how to add to GridView control rich behavior: columns resizing, repositioning, hiding/un-hiding and instant sorting by multiple columns, by just adding attributes to the control.
  • Learn that Web Stimulus remembers user-entered form information on the client and restores the information after re-opening the browser.

Source code is here.

5. Accelerating AJAX

Video 5. Accelerating AJAX.

Watch how to accelerate ASP.NET AJAX pages and:

  • Learn that Web Stimulus prunes all markups and non-data related payload from AJAX traffic .
  • Learn how you can cancel unnecessary AJAX roundtrips by setting just one property and still run an update panel (on the client) to make AJAX responses immediate.

Source code is here.

6. Accelerating Resources

Video 6.Accelerating Resources.

Watch how to accelerate downloading of static and dynamic resources such as images, style sheets and JavaScript files.

  • Learn how Web Stimulus eliminates chattering HTTP communication by combining multiple resources for download.
  • Learn how Web Stimulus totally eliminates AJAX traffic to download dynamic script resources.