Increasing ASP.NET Speed

Fewer Limitations

Web Stimulus removes many web application limitations, which allows you to focus on solving your business problems instead of web performance problems.

Does the ASP.NET code have to run solely on the server?

Extending the ASP.NET page lifecycle to the client.

Web Stimulus extends the ASP.NET page model to the client side, but the page lifecycle and sequence of events are not changed. As a result, two substantial benefits are achieved.

  • Excessive and repetitive HTML content is excluded from the network traffic between the server and client.
  • Existing ASP.NET page code is preserved. No additional coding is required to split the existing page and run a portion of the existing code on the client computer.

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Are web pages still stateless?

How Web Stimulus manages page state.

Unlike desktop applications that continuously maintain the state during an application's lifetime, web applications are stateless. In order to avoid page state loss ASP.NET developers have to write additional code that uses system and network resources to save page state between requests.

Web Stimulus changes the state game. It raises the statefulness of ASP.NET pages to a new level. Page can still use ViewState to continually maintain the state of controls between postbacks, but the ViewState payload will be reduced by an order of magnitude. Additionally the state of other page members, such as business objects, can be maintained without using ViewState or server resources.

More importantly a large portion of the page state can be offloaded onto the client where its statefulness is supported automatically and without using server resources.

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Do you still need to worry about large ViewState?

Optimizing ViewState with Web Stimulus.

It is well known that a ViewState is a tradeoff between page "intelligence" and performance. ViewState is necessary to make controls more stateful. ViewState also creates substantial network traffic overhead and is notorious for page slowness. Many performance checklists recommend disabling ViewState at the top of the list.

Web Stimulus allows the use of ViewState without compromising performance. It completely excludes ViewState from the download traffic since it is generated by the client and significantly  reduces ViewState upload size.

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Can cache save more cash?

Why use client-side data caching.

Web Stimulus rewrites all the rules of caching ASP.NET pages. It is client-based and not server-based. It caches page object state instead of the resulting HTML. It saves not only server resources but actual page download traffic. It can cache any designated part of the page independently and downloads from the server only those parts of the page that were modified since the last request.

Server caching rules can be fine-tuned to take into account what is cached on every end-user computer. It can be enabled with little or no coding, depending on the complexity of the rules.

These caching characteristics are different from any other solution in this space. Web Stimulus increases your cache efficiency to a near optimal level.

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Technology Highlights

All-Tiers Acceleration Tool. Web Stimulus is used to effectively resolve the performance bottlenecks of any ASP.NET application on all tiers. more...

Fewer Limitations. Web Stimulus removes many web application limitations and solved many web performance problems. more...

Page Lifecycle. Web Stimulus adds another dimension to the ASP.NET page lifecycle. It facilitates the page's second ASP.NET lifecycle on the client. more...

Page State. Web Stimulus raises web page statefulness to a new level. It automatically allows restoring not only the state of controls, but also the state of any other page member. more...

Cached Page Lifecycle. Web Stimulus maximizes page efficiency by assembling it on the client using valid cached page elements and elements downloaded from the server. more...

Optimizing ViewState. Web Stimulus completely removes ViewState from the download traffic and reduces its payload 3-5 times in the upload traffic. more...