Featured Customers Testimonials

Stimulus Technology customers achieved better ASP.NET application performance and higher user productivity, while saved development time and avoided high hardware upgrade costs.

Large Enterprises

Harris Corporation is an S&P 500 company and a leading provider of products and services for Broadcast Communication. Harris has chosen Web Stimulus to deliver exceptional performance of their broadcast sales application, called OSi-AdConnections to hundreds of their customers' TV stations from coast to coast.

While looking for the best solution to give superior performance of their rapidly growing ASP.NET based SaaS application, Harris selected Stimulus Technology as their performance solution provider.

Here is what Harris's Product and IT / Development management says about Web Stimulus:

          OSi AdConnections is a functionally rich web based proposal tool that is used by salespeople across hundreds of television stations.  With sales people it is very important that page responses are immediate with no delay in response. Web Stimulus has given us enhanced scalability to serve much higher volumes of customers without the need to add new hardware.

John Patrick, Product Director. Harris Corporation, Denver.  HarrisLogo

          With the growth of the user-base, new features and increased information on web pages for our ASP.NET based SaaS we faced the need to add new hardware to prevent performance degradation.
          When we started looking for a tool to help optimize our application performance, we looked into several leading hardware appliances, network application accelerators and software solutions, but none of them promised the level of speed increase of Web Stimulus. Web Stimulus was very easy to integrate into our product, enabled us to add additional information on web pages without losing performance and has not required any special support. We are very happy with the installation.

Slava Tsoy, Application Development Manager. Harris Corporation, New York.

Medium and Small Companies

Dr. Nona International is a leading manufacturer and distributor of cosmetics and dietary supplements in Israel, with offices in 28 countries. It maintains the network of fifty thousand active distributors across North America, Eastern Europe and the Mid-East. Dr. Nona International worked with Olan AT&S Ltd. to streamline its global IT operations by migrating their multi-level marketing sales application from the desktop to the web.

They understand the challenge of maintaining desktop performance in a web application, and so they selected Stimulus Technology's solution to support the required end-user productivity. Web Stimulus substantially reduced response times of ASP.NET AJAX pages and ensured that sales transactions happened in real-time.

Here is what business and support management of both companies said about Web Stimulus:

          "As a support manager I am very familiar how slow application response can frustrate end-users, impacts their productivity and create more work for the help desk. Therefore the important requirement for our new web based sales management application was to achieve response times adequate to our business process.
          With Web Stimulus our personnel can avoid delays with using the application in such time sensitive operations as accepting and tracking sales orders via the phone.

Vladislav Bich, IT Manager, Dr. Nona International. 

          "One of the challenges in migrating client-server applications to the web environment is to maintain the richness of functionality and performance that end-users are already used to. While re-writing Dr. Nona's multi-level marketing application to ASP.NET we struggled with slow web pages. We dedicated significant development resources to optimize performance, but it became clear that achieving the required response times by just optimizing the software and adding servers would be virtually impossible. Existing caching solutions couldn't help because we operate with dynamic content that constantly changes.
          Web Stimulus quadrupled speed of web pages while reducing web traffic and server load. It allowed us to meet system performance requirements and save development time. The implementation was very straightforward."

Leon Korol, CEO, OLAN AT&S Ltd.                               Olan