More ASP.NET Performance Benefits

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Acceleration solutions work together, either on an individual page or on an application level, to provide bandwidth savings and enhance ASP.NET performance characteristics.

  • Upholds ASP.NET application scalability without limiting how large a Session object can be.

    Session optimization. Web Stimulus relocates any portion of the user session or any of its part to the client. The client-side session will never expire and does not use any server resources. It can significantly increase web application scalability since adding new concurrent user sessions will not require more memory on the server.


  • Implements page persistence without using server resources or programming.

    Auto-Saving web forms. Web Stimulus restores web page state from the previous page visit, including ASP.NET controls, HTML elements, and any user input. The page state persists even after the browser is closed. This means that if a user accidentally closes the browser in the middle of filling out a long web form they will never lose their information since it will be restored automatically after reopening the page.
  • Accelerates ASP.NET AJAX pages.

    AJAX with more interactivity. Web Stimulus accelerates update panel by excluding all markups from the AJAX response. Some of the AJAX requests can be handled locally and not routed to the server for better page interactivity. This is possible because some of the update panel code can be hosted on the client and the AJAX responses become cacheable. What's more, AJAX pages with multiple JavaScript resources are downloaded faster. This is because the ASP.NET script libraries are generated on the client and do not need to be downloaded (watch the Accelerating ASP.NET AJAX video).
  • Makes ASP.NET controls faster and richer.

    Control acceleration. Web Stimulus remarkably improves performance and richness of standard or third-party ASP.NET controls. It shifts event handling and calculation of grids, treeviews and other custom controls to the client PC, making the controls more interactive. GridView control can be instantly AJAXified to support column hiding / un-hiding, resizing, repositioning, client-side (instant) sorting and multiple columns sorting. It will even remember all control settings after users reopen their browser without using any server resources. This behavior works automatically (watch the Rich Server Controls video).
  • Accelerates ASP.NET page loads by consolidating images, style sheets and scripts.

    Resource optimization. Web Stimulus solves the issue of chattering HTTP communication that slows down web pages which use many resources such as images, style sheets, and JavaScript files. It combines the most frequently used resources into a single batch that is downloaded to the client at once when the browser first navigates to the application. These resources are cached separately to maintain cache flexibility (watch the Accelerating Web Resources video).